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Donkers Automobiel is an international trading company focussed on the purchase and sale of used cars and light commercial vehicles. Since our foundation in 2010, we have developed an extensive group of loyal customers and partners. Our commercial activities are primarily aimed at the business-to-business market, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Donkers Automobiel consists of four divisions, each of which is specialised in a section of the used car market. We have listed our available staff members per segment below.

  • Donkers Automobiel Europe B.V.: For the purchasing and sales of all non-German European brands.
  • Donkers Automobiel German B.V.: This division is specialised in the purchasing and sales of German brands.
  • Donkers Automobiel Asian B.V.: This division handles the purchasing and sales of Asian brands.
  • Donkers Automobiel Premium B.V.: This is where you can buy and sell premium brand cars.

Simon Donkers

Founder and owner
+31 (0)6 – 46 191 492

Donkers Automobiel German B.V.

Stijn van Pelt

Buyer / seller
+31 (0)6 28 55 69 37

Donkers Automobiel Asian B.V.

Donkers Automobiel Premium B.V.

Kenneth Arts

Founder and owner
+31 (0)6 – 27 044 616

Donkers Automobiel Europe B.V.

Hans van der Vleuten

Office sales employee
+31 (0)6 – 12 30 12 53

Donkers Automobiel Europe B.V.

Michel Jonker

Office sales employee
+31 (0)6 41 73 09 17

Donkers Automobiel Europe B.V.

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